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Basque Tiggy

Tiggy joined a tour in 2016 which covered the Basque Country areas of Southern France and Northern Spain. San Sebastian proved to be delightful, as did Pamplona and Bilbao. A highly recommended region. Advertisements

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Tiggy in Barcelona

Tiggy loved the Gaudi architecture, the wonderful fountains and the leisurely walks. Best of all was the Sagrada Familia. Such a magical design.

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Tiger Seen in St Petersburg

Stop Press!: September 2016: Very small tiger seen visiting The Hermitage, The Peterhof and the “Aurora”.

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Tiggy’s Algarve

Tiggy visited the Rocha Brava in Algarve in March 2017. What a delightful place. It was too cold in the sea for tigers to swim but there were plenty of healthy walks, nice restaurants and lots of historic sites.

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Tiger in the Low Countries

Tiggy visited Amsterdam and Brugge in 2016 and failed to update his blog! He especially liked the Belgian Beer which he was willing to share with his friends. Two super trips with so much to see.

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Croatian Tiger

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